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About Us: At Impressive Imprints, our goal is to provide marketing ideas using promotional products. Once we establish a relationship and understand your marketing needs, target market, and procedures, we can recommend complimentary programs that will be efficient, hassle-free, and budget conscious.
Our 1000sq ft award-winning showroom is the largest in the area, giving you the ability to view a tremendous number of items prior to your purchase. In addition, the showroom provides a creative environment for generating new ideas and viewing the latest products, all in an effort to offer unique solutions to your promotional marketing needs.

In 1990, Robert Albert started Impressive Imprints out of his house at the age of 19. His original mission of providing a quality product with personal, professional service is still driving the company today. In 1996 he expanded, and moved into the Wurlitzer Building in North Tonawanda. As business continued to increase, he brought his embroidery business "In-House" with the purchase of a 4 head embroidery machine. This expansion was over $80,000 and lead to additional machines in 2002 and beyond.

In 2004 the company grew to 8 employees, and in order to handle the growth, a new 6500 facility was built. This half million-dollar investment greatly improved their ability to expand and handle large national accounts.

In 2010 the company has over 20 employees, and over 21,000 sq feet with includes over 5 tenants.
Today, the company continues to grow each year and lives up to their mission statement, which is evident by the local, regional and national awards it has received over the years.

In the future, Impressive Imprints will continue to be a leader in their industry, combining technology and new techniques, while providing you with the best possible service.

Designated Account Representative
Store hours are 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, with appointments available anytime. Our office staff starts as early as 7:30 AM and often stay into the evening depending on the day and workload.

We will assign a dedicated account representative as your primary contact, in addition to your ability to contact the President/owner anytime. We practice a team approach in managing account relationships, so that at anytime you will be able to contact a specialist in the area that you need help. For example, if it is a graphic question, you can speak directly with our Graphic Artist or for embroidery orders, to an embroidery customer service expert. We have found this to be the best way to provide you with quick answers, and a hassle-free buying experience. If, however, you feel more comfortable contacting your dedicated account representative to address your questions and concerns, you can do so.

Supplier Interface
We have aligned ourselves with suppliers that have the same core values as we do -- Professional Service, Quality Products, and On-time Deliveries. By doing so we are able to offer the outstanding service and quality that makes your experience hassle-free. To ensure that our customers receive their orders on the required delivery date, we have a dedicated person who tracks and monitors orders daily via our in-house computer program. A call is also made on the date delivered to confirm receipt, with another call a few days later as follow up to ensure your satisfaction with the order. We have the capability of handling any electronic requirement that suppliers may have, and currently place orders electronically when available.

Reports can be customized to meet your specific request. This may include reports you require relative to dollars per items spent, etc. as well as sales reports based on our tracking system. The need for special reports can often be provided with advance notice and can easily be accommodated if established at the programs inception. Most of our reporting is provided in Excel format, and can be converted to graphic, or pie formats as required.

Quality Standards and Assurance
Quote turnaround is based on your specific needs for the project. Most quotes will be completed within a 1-3 day timeframe with Rush orders usually completed the same day. Once again, our team approach enables us to accomplish this and provide you with outstanding professional service.

Quality is a Corporate Value that we hold ourselves accountable for. We have a Quality Control Process and a dedicated person to Quality Certify our staff to ensure that we maintain our standards. We choose our suppliers based on their ability to consistently deliver quality products and are proud to say that our quality and on time delivery as measured is over 99% on average.
Quality is a Corporate Value that we hold ourselves accountable for. We have a Quality Control Process and a dedicated person to Quality Certify our staff to ensure that we maintain our standards. We choose our suppliers based on their ability to consistently deliver quality products and are proud to say that our quality and on time delivery as measured is over 99% on average.

Cost Reduction
Impressive Imprints partners with specific suppliers that are quality oriented, and deliver professional service. By doing this, given our volume with them and the relationship developed, we are strong and aggressive in obtaining the best available pricing. We also offer many services that can decrease costs and still meet your needs, through programs involving co-op pricing and warehousing of product inventory. We have found it best to discuss your specific needs prior to making cost saving recommendations and can possibly provide substantial savings from suppliers who throughout the year offer special promotions.

Pricing Structure
Impressive Imprints strives to have competitive pricing in our industry. With unique programs customized to your specific needs, and with solid relationships with suppliers, we are able to remain competitive and still provide professional service, quality products, on-time delivery, hassle-free ordering, and unique and creative ideas. We also have several customer levels that can be obtained depending on the volume of business, payment history, programs, and other factors.

Owner’s Credentials & Awards
  • Business of the Year 2004 (Chamber of Commerce)
  • 40 Under 40 award 2004 (Business First)
  • Showroom of the Year Spirit Award - out of 16,000 distributors (National Industry award)
  • Bess Cohn Humanitarian Award (2007 National Nominee)
  • University of Buffalo CEL Alumni and Mentor
  • Volunteer of the Year - Boys and Girls Club of the Northtown (2010)
  • Man of Honor Award (2011)
  • Over 20 years of industry experience
  • Chamber of Commerce Board Member
  • Niagara USA Chamber Member
  • Leadership Niagara Board Member (2001-2008)
  • Boys and Girls Club of the Northtowns Board Member
  • Exchange Club of the Tonawandas Board Member & Past President(2002-2009)
  • Specialty Advertising Assoc. of Greater NY
  • Advertising Specialty Institute member
  • Embroidery Trade Association Member
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