Corporate Ordering Sites - Customized Website/Online Catalog

For companies with multiple locations and/or fulfillment programs, we offer customized web sites designs for your ordering process. We do not use an industry stock program to run our site, each site is custom built to meet our customers’ specific needs. This gives us the full ability to handle each and every request you may have. Because we create the site, reports and tracking can be customized to your request. All reports are forwarded to you in Excel format for easy sorting and tracking of information. Please call us, and I can give you a password to visit one of our sites.



  • Optional Password Protection
  • Secure site
  • We handle everything from:
            Order Taking, Processing, Billing, Tacking, Reporting
  • Daily shipping (UPS) with on-line tracking service
  • Plenty of low-cost warehouse space
  • Monthly computerized inventory delivered directly to you
  • Friendly knowledgeable Customer Care


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